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Why Your Website Sucks

4 things you must know before starting any website project.

Today; everybody is a web designer! This is how it often goes; you see an amazing Squarespace commercial on television, you start an account, you design your website, and shortly thereafter you launch!

Then what’s happens?


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You sit and wait, hope and wish; then after another month of making change after change on your website, what happens? Nothing again.

See, you’ve been tricked! You’ve been conned by the get rich quick scheme. Squarespace wants your money, but they WILL NOT teach you the game.

Its levels to this S#%#, let’s step your game up.

You Don’t Respect The Hustle

Fivver is a great platform, GoDaddy is an awesome company, but neither one will give you results. Why?

Because results are quantified and measured through knowledge.

Knowledge of what?

Knowledge of the internet game, how it works and how to make money online. Respect the hustle! Stop the DIY approach.

I understand web design is considered a commodity nowadays but hear me closely; you CANNOT accomplish what it takes some web design professionals years to study.

It’s impossible!

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It’s impossible and/or disrespectful to believe that you can learn and incorporate years and years of study into a Squarespace platform. Nothing against Squarespace, I believe they have an awesome product and provide excellent customer service but sometimes; their marketing message suggests that you can get massive results with minimal work.

The first order of business is the respect the hustle. Get off Fivver! Stop doing it yourself, build the right team, pick the right people and invest the time and money it takes to get real results.

You're Not Capturing Leads

In theory, your website is a complex system of interdependent pages with one sole purpose; and that’s to make money! You make money through new leads. No leads, no money.

Every business will live and die by the income it produces, therefore new leads are critical and/or mandatory to the overall success of your company.

A common problem I see over and over again is the absence of a lead generating system that underpins your entire website structure. Your website sucks because you have no way in which you convert potential visitors into paying customers/clients.

They visit your website, they leave; never to return again. Opportunity missed. Lead gone. Money lost!

Look everywhere to analyze your current site and find the best ways to incorporate a lead generating system. For starters, you can generate quality leads using trip wires, core offers, upsells, profit maximizers and lead magnets. Some reputable software to incorporate into your website would be Drip, OptinMonster, Lead Pages and Insightly.

Stop treating your website like a brochure and convert that thing into a lead generating machine that prints money.

You Don’t Have Strong Funnels

You’ve respected the hustle! You’ve adopted a lead generation first mentality as it relates to your website. Now for the S#%# kicker!

Your website still sucks.

Because although you may generate leads you still ain’t making the dough. For every business the same song rings true; unless you can convert your leads into paying customers/clients, you're still broke.

Let’s dig deeper. Follow me down the rabbit hole.

In order to turn a profit and make money on your website, capturing new leads isn’t enough. You must convert these leads into paying customers!

Got that.


Let’s go a little deeper.

The way a salesperson at your local gym would convert potential leads (i.e people who might join) is by calling them, sending them emails, calling them again and again. They would leave a message, call them again and leave another message.

Your website isn’t a human being; it’s a system. So the way your website converts potential leads is through funnels and automation. A funnel as it relates to a website is a predefined step-by-step automated process that takes a potential lead; to customer with the least possible effort.

“Your website isn’t a human being; it’s a system. So the way your website converts potential leads is through funnels and automation.”

And this is where the road gets slippery! I see many entrepreneurs/companies who are building there website to be one fancy brochure. What they fail to realize is that a website isn’t some brochure; it’s a system.

Think of your website as a car engine, this runs into that, which runs into this; which runs into that. Unqualified leads, covert into qualified leads, which in turn become clients; therefore becoming recurring clients. When any part of the system fails; the whole car (i.e. business, website) breaks down.

Car Motor with Gears under the Engine unsplash-logoChad Kirchoff

The system (i.e. your engine, business, website) sole purpose is to make money. And the only way you can make money is to get leads. But you still don’t have the money until you convert leads. And the percentage and/or success of converting those leads is based on the strength of your funnel.

So funnel conversion is critical!

The rabbit hole is deep.

I’m just touching surface here but your funnel often extends beyond your website and ties into a CRM, an Invoicing Platform or an Email Marketing System.

All things considered, build strong funnels in your website infrastructure to increase your conversion rate. When you increase your conversion rate, you increase your bottom line.

Mo' Money, Mo Problems!

Your Design is Terrible

I’ve been a print/web designer for the past 7 years and let me tell you from experience; nothing kills a website faster than a bad design.

You may have the best product in your industry. Your customer service may be outta this world. Hell, you could have the next big invention or idea with a drive like Steve Jobs.

But if your website looks terrible; you're finished! Cooked meat. Dried bacon. Thanksgiving dinner.

Contrary to popular belief people DO judge a book by it’s cover. Therefore, how your website looks is very critical to your overall success.

Let me give you the 1, 2 on producing great looking websites on a budget.

1. Custom Design vs Templates

If your project budget is under $15K go for a template based design. Templates are great because they give you a proven model to get started. A word of advice on templates; all templates ARE NOT created equal. When you pick a template for your website choose one that has the functionality that you’re looking for.

The best place to get templates online is Theme Forest.

If your budget is $15K+ then build a custom website from the ground up. All projects and/or websites are different but each successful website project follows the same structure. During the project, you should proceed through the respective rounds including but not limited to Discovery, Design, User Experience, Content, Development, Testing, and Launch.

2. Create A Website Style Guide

If your website project includes a design round be sure to let your designer know that you want to create a website style guide for your project. A style guide is like the bible for your website; it includes all important design assets that you will use during and after your project.

A style guide ensures that your website stays on brand and matches the look and feel of your company. These guides can include headers, buttons, navigation, typography and social media icons.

Stay on brand and create a website style guide. See a sample style guide HERE.

A Final Word

After the dust settles and the smoke clears; your website sole purpose is to make money. I could go on and on about why your website sucks but that’s not the purpose of this article. I’ve had terrible websites in the past and I know what works and what doesn’t work.

Build slow, test, verify and build again. A small website that functions is better than a large website with no strategy or purpose. Respect the hustle, capture leads, build strong funnels and have a great design that is pleasing to the eye.

Until next time,


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