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Bryan Bowser

I can turn your website into a cash register...

Designer, Speaker, Writer, and Entrepreneur

The story of a man with struggle and a dream! Some say he’s loving but warlike, mystic yet charismatic, all things considered, he's the Bowser.

Bryan Bowser is a celebrity graphic/web designer, motivational speaker, writer, and entrepreneur. Born and raised during the 1992 riots in the most violent parts of South Central Los Angeles. Bryan has lost his mother to cancer and his father to suicide but he's surpassed all the odds stacked against him.

Bryan’s father was a Rasta (Think Bob Marley) and big on education; he graduated from the University of South California (USC) with a degree in Mathematics. Bryan’s mother was a nurse and a loving soul but neither, his mother nor father would predict their tragic endings.

As an only child Bryan always had a creative ability, he was witty, charming and intelligent but very curious! Bowser was always into something, he was known to be very mischievous at times; but as a kid, he was always loving, caring and respectful.

At 15 years old Bryan lived in Jamaica for a month with his father, he toured the whole country but he saw the dark side of his father’s soul. Bryan’s father, Horace Paul Bowser Jr. was an alcoholic who would fly into a mad drunken rage. Bryan’s father would drink, play Reggae Music, drink some more, kick-box and fight Bryan, punch two holes in the wall next to Bryan’s face; drink some more, then fly into another fit of rage!

It was around this time that Bryan started to get into more trouble, his childhood curiosity turned to anger and his mischief was leading him into the violent streets of South LA. At 16 years old, living in a gang-infested war zone, Bryan stopped skateboarding, picked up a rag, some chucks, and a microphone. Over the next couple of years Bryan joined a local gang, he sold drugs and had deadly fights with other rivals. During this time he was shot at numerous times, chased in cars, ran from police and he kept a loaded gun; doing other things that could never be mentioned!

Sidebar: Listen to the last mixtape Bryan released shortly before his God-Brother D-Fly was killed in South LA titled, True Story Vol. 1.

At 19 years old looking for a better way he never knew that things would get worst! Bryan was arrested on April 24, 2006 facing 25 to Life in prision, four days later Bryan's youngest God-Brother 'Jyrue Gilbert' aka Baby Kaos and another friend with him were brutally murdered. Combined they were shot over 24 times in Inglewood, CA; Bryan Was Suppose To Be With Them. Three months later, while still in prison Bryan's father was found dead in his car due to an apparent suicide. Bryan never went to father’s funeral due to being incarcerated.

Bryan’s Mother and Her Greatest Gift

One of the last photos Bryan and his mother ever took together in 2010.

Within a span of ten years, Bryan and his mother would become homeless twice, live in a transition house, eat on food stamps and survive on general relief. During this same time (2000 - 2010), Bryan also lost his Auntie, Grandmother, Great-Grandmother, Grandfather, Uncle, God-Brother and Father. But in 2011 his world would change forever!

On July 12, 2011, attending a class at The Art Institute - Hollywood, Bryan received a call that his mother was in critical condition and only expected to live for 45 minutes. Although a shock, his mother’s fight with lung, brain, and metastatic cancer were known to all his classmates and professors at The Art Institute.

His mother won her battle with cancer that day! But just a month later Bryan dropped out of The Art Institute because his mother condition got worst and required hospice care. As the only child, night after night he and his wife took care of his mother Linda Grant; they experienced the slow process of death, the helpless moans and groans of a cancer patient dying every night.

20 days into August and nine days before Bryan’s 25th birthday his mother died from cancer at Bryan’s House, alongside his wife and close friends. When his mother took her last breath; she gasps twice and exhaled, looked to the sky and took a deep last breath. Within a couple of seconds Bryan ran into the room, looked at his mother along with those around her and said: “Let Us Pray”. She was gone! But for three hours her lifeless body laid dead in Bryan’s bedroom because the corner was unavailable to pick her up.

Two months after his mother’s death and already dropped out of Art Institute due to taking care of his mother; Bryan officially started his first business (i.e. filing legal paperwork) providing graphic design and websites to local businesses in the Crenshaw District. Ever since his mother’s death in 2011, Bryan’s conducted business, taught and mentored at-risk teenage students in some of the most dangerous parts of South Central Los Angeles. He’s been an avid speaker and writer who loves to speak, write and teach about business faith and lifestyle.

In just 7 years, Bryan has worked with over 50 companies producing amazing graphic/web design work. Some of his clients include but is not limited to the Chamber of Commerce, Volkswagen, CBS, LAC + USC Medical Center, Freeway Rick Ross and Floyd Mayweather’s TMT brand.

Just recently in 2016, Bryan lost his childhood best friend and God-Brother 'Delaney Dokins' to the streets! Delaney was brutally shot in the back and executed at point-blank range in Inglewood, CA. After his death, Bryan has vowed to never move back to South Central LA unless he can help people, help some more people, and help even more people.

What's Next for Bowser?

Who Knows!

But it MUST be amazing...